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Treat yourself to our ultimate sensory experience with our eight-station Spa Experience. Day-to-day life can sometimes leave you feeling tired, stressed and with aches and pains in places you never knew existed!

Enjoy a two hour Spa Heat Experience to help relieve this.

With eight, different, relaxing features, the Spa Experience will leave your muscles feeling relaxed and your mind clear, revived and ready to face the world again!

The Spa Experience consists of eight individual heat and sensory experiences and a Rest and Relaxation room with comfy beanbags.

The Spa Experience is unavailable to children under the age of 16 years old, between the ages of 16 and 18 years must be accompanied by an appropriate adult. 


Ice Fountain
Handfuls of ice flakes rubbed into the body will help to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system. This will help boost the immune system and remove toxins and water retention.

Feature Showers
To revive and refresh sprays of aromatic warm water will pour down on you at the touch of a button with the choice of a fresh mist spray or tropical downpour including essences.

Reflexology Footbaths
A relaxing, effervescent footbath, with heated seats. Bubbles massage the bottom of the feet and ankles and stimulate the pressure points just like the pedidarium of the Roman baths.

Spa Pool Balinese people believe there is a flourish of Chi (energy) at the junction between two rivers, which is why moving water becomes a vital element in a spa environment.

Salt Grotto
Inhale natural sea salt and icey mint aromatic essences and clear your mind whilst the salt steam helps soothe and clear your skin with a lower temperature of 35ºC.

Crystal Steam Room
A soft gentle heat to help relieve stress and boost the immune system with a temperature of up to 45ºC. Using aromatic essences of eucalyptus or rosemary and menthol.

Herbal Sauna
The ancient Greeks and Romans knew and used the therapeutic effects of perspiration. Dry heat induces relaxation of the muscles whilst deep cleansing the body.

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